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    Giannis Perdikoulis

    The CEO of Βrand Construction welcomes you

    Designing your own vision is a challenge for us! Each new project is unique and special for us. Based on your vision, with the experience of the projects we have implemented so far, with a passion for design, innovation and modern aesthetics, but also guided by the functionality and sustainability of the space, we always choose the best materials and the most appropriate techniques and we study, design, implement and complete the project that will present to you what you dreamed of.


    Study & Planning

    It is the design, the beginning of a vision. As a customer, you determine the purpose of the structure and its financial, design and operational requirements. Our partners, taking into account your needs, collect all this unique information and work in order to create a remarkable result.

    From original original designs that outline what your space will look like after construction, to 3D modeling that adds precision and clarity to the design along with 3D imaging, you will be able to see the designs of your project.

    From a functional and aesthetic point of view, until the selection of the appropriate materials for the implementation of the project, everything is a product of the continuous study of the creator and the commitment to the standards of an idealized achievement.

    Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what conditions must be met to implement a project that is economically viable and to the full satisfaction of users and investors. We implement the whole project according to your specifications.

    We use tools and apply techniques to find the perfect solution for you and we always make sure to meet all the requirements during the construction phase.


    Construction services

    Our commitment to customer service comes from the simple fact that we are interested in our work. Every project gives our team a chance to shine and our team is committed to doing just that.

    From handling the bureaucratic burden to choosing the right materials for the final configuration of your space, construction is a matter of dedication. Brand Construction IKPO ensures complete construction care, focusing on detail, the interaction between different materials, but mainly on the selection of the right partners and offers a unique experience to the person who is directly interested during the entire implementation process of the project.

    Supply & installation.

    Project equipment.

    Our company, guided by high quality and modern design, proposes unique solutions for the equipment and promotion of your products & activities, either with trade products, or with special constructions adapted to your needs, offering you a special aesthetic.

    Study & Suggestions for


    Each trend has its own philosophy. Each material has its own identity. This is why aesthetics is a mixture of knowledge, experience and perception. From the inspiration of creating separate spaces with a unique functional and elegant identity to achieving the final result, Brand Construction, based on the aesthetic and functional lines, manages to highlight the specific characteristics of each space.

    Our work revolves around the idea that Architecture is a unique art form in which emotions and functionality are united in each work. Our company explores the infinite relationships between art, architecture, place, space and website. Our projects are developed through dialogue with our customers and partners, creating a unique response to each of the needs and expectations of our customers.